Our Partners

Our structure is based on strategic long-term partnerships that allow each unit can focus on what they do best. All our partners have been picked because they are best in their respective fields.  We will never do ourselves what a strategic partner could do better, and we will never choose a partner that is not the best at what they do.

Here are some of our key partners


Bear Meets Eagle On Fire Awesome

BMEOFA is a creative collective headed by Micah Walker. Micah had collected over 100 awards for work done at agencies in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney. 

Joined by Art Director Pim van Nunen, Copywriter Justine Armour, and Account Executive Deanne Constantine, BMEOFA is our source of disruptive conceptual creation.  


Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie is one of the leading corporate law firms in the world. With offices in over 70 countries, they provide us with global support for all legal matters, ranging from intellectual property rights to corporate secretarial services.